“Patricia Ryan Madson is one of Stanford's truly inspired teachers; she has changed the lives of thousands of students over the past twenty-eight years. In her smiling book, Improv Wisdom, she reminds us that being alive is like riding a bicycle–we always feel a little off-balance and insecure, but 'in the act of balancing we come alive.' She makes you want to get up and do something–try it out, make mistakes, laugh, play, and try it again."   

–Charles Junkerman, Associate Provost and Dean of Continuing Studies, Stanford University

The Audiobook version of IMPROV WISDOM,  read by the author, Patricia Ryan Madson, takes you into her classroom.  Click the fish to hear a sample:
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The Russian edition of IMPROV WISDOM, translated as “IMPROVISATION LESSONS”  is now available. 

Watch Patricia’s YouTube presentation at the Applied Improv Network Conference in San Francisco.  Enjoy her advice to all improvisers:Write, Write, Write!!!